Wicked Grace

I think my favorite part of Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t the amazing finale battle, or the introduction, or even the romance scenes.  I love all of those a lot!  I unapologetically play for the story not the game tactics or battles. I want those because they’re fun, too, but it’s not why I play Dragon Age. There’s better games out there for pure bloody bliss of busting the brains of your enemies.

Yet, if I had to pick a single favorite part of Dragon Age Inquisition, it would be the Wicked Grace game. I look forward to it each playthrough.

I really do love 95% of all the Bioware characters.  Across three games there’s only 3 or 4 who I absolutely can’t stand.  I don’t even dump Rendon Howe or the abusing bastard Vaghne from the City Elf origin story in there because they’re pure evil.  I worry a little bit about people who think they’re sexy.

Spoilers ahead.

The Wicked Grace scene brings nearly all of them together.  It’s a moment that makes them seem more like real people.  I drug Blackwall, Bull, and Cassandra everywhere I went my first playthrough because I needed 3 tanks to get through the harder parts.  It’s my playing style and learning the ropes – tanks and a mage Inquisitor.  I like all the classes but a mage was the first one I got through Origins so they’re my usual go-to for a first character. Probably foolishly considering busting chops with a big weapon should be easier.

I didn’t get as much chance as I’d have liked to interact and hear the ambient chats with the others, and never took Dorian, Solas, or Viv anywhere.  This wasn’t because I didn’t like them, but … tanks.  I was playing the mage.  This time I’m playing a blades rogue. The party has been Solas, Sera, and one tank for the sake of mixing them up.

The way they interact with the Inquisitor at the Wicked Grace table is fun, but so is the way they interact with each other.  It warms my heart to see the more serious characters like Cassandra, Blackwall, and Cullen genuinely laugh.  After what Bull goes through with either losing his entire people/culture or all his friends, it’s good to see him having a good time, too.  The same for Varric because in my playthrough he lost Hawke.

Then we have the humor aspects as Cullen, the chess fiend, stripped of armor and dignity. He has to race off to the good humor of numerous friends.

Josaphine is adorable with her opening bid, Cole is heartwarming, and I love Cassandra’s mild frustration trying to figure out what hand is decent at the beginning.  Of course Sera’s unforgettable last line definitely gets me to laugh every time.

All in all, I just have to say that I love the scene.  I wish it could have had everyone – Leliana, Solas, and Viv included.  I’d have really liked to have seen them interact with the group, too. From Blackwall’s comments we know Solas plays cards, but he wasn’t included in the scene.  Possibly because it was originally based on something.


Well done, Bioware.  Well done.


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